New Year, New Deal

Posted on January 4th, 2011 in announcements, news

A happy new year unto you all, dear readers, and with the new year comes all kinds of new things, some of them even better than screwing up every time you write a date!

I have news, in fact, of something that happened early last year but which I haven’t got around to mentioning until now, what with all the kerfuffle and confustication of the last few months.  But be assured it is great news for those who enjoy my work, and a poke in the eye and tweak of the nose for those wrongheaded heathens who claim to dislike it.  Or at any rate it’s not particularly interesting for those who dislike it.  But there are none of them reading now, are there?  Are there?  Who cares what they think, the deluded poltroons, they are to be pitied, not hated!

Therefore stand amazed as I announce that I last year signed a contract with my doughty UK publisher, Gollancz, for four more books set in the world of The First Law.  That’s right.  FOUR MORE BOOKS.  Twice two.  Or more accurately, one plus three, since at the moment, those books are looking like they’ll be another semi-standalone in the style of Best Served Cold and The Heroes, followed by another trilogy, though obviously I reserve the right to be coy and change my mind, possibly while flouncing out of a meeting.  It’s a lady’s privilege, don’t you know. 

In terms of timescale things are still a little hazy.  I’ve been writing at the rate of about a book every 18 months or so, so one might reasonably expect the first of these books to appear on shelves sometime around the summer 2012 sort of a mark, but obviously I reserve the right to be coy and completely miss a date even that vague.  I’ve barely started writing it, so we shall see whether, now I am installed in my new abode, the words fly from my fingertips like lightning or … not.  As for the books after, there’s no point in even being vague at this stage.  If they do end up as a trilogy, I might well aim to draft the whole thing before publishing the first book, which would leave something of a gap between the standalone and the first of the trilogy, but would hopefully ensure that the books of the trilogy could come out no more than a year apart, possibly less, and that they would form a coherent and cohesive whole.  Or as coherent and cohesive as I am capable of producing.  We shall see.  It’s a long way off.  Far enough for me to safely pretend that it’ll never happen.

In terms of the content of these books, well, I’ll get back to you on that…

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  1. Hoooooray!!!

    Haven’t seen enough cash, eh?
    Still working on that first million?

  2. I believe that as long as someone from The North makes a reference to his lower jigglies as fruits, the books will most write themselves.

  3. please, please come out to Phoenix, Arizona for a signing sometime…. wed love to have ya!

  4. YES!!!!

    Awesome news!

  5. This is way cool! I will have to get through all the books in time to dig back into this wild world. And get more sticky-notes. ;D

    Thank you for letting us know and best of luck to you!

  6. Now we just need someone to buy TFL movie rights and everything will be perfect in the world.

    I take it you already have some vague plot ideas for these four books?

  7. So Joe, you admit to already starting the next stand alone. Which means you have some semblance of a plot. And you haven’t shared this plot with your most devoted followers here on your blog?!! Come now, our most awesome beacon of authorhood…don’t make me beg! Cause I will!!

    I’m guessing the next book will focus on Ferro and her adventures in the south. I also envision Logen searching for her, finding her, and the two go on an epic ass kicking contest!

  8. A hearty congratulations!

    I’m hoping to see you deal a bit more with archers at some point (for no reason other than that I enjoy the subject), though perhaps Heroes may have some greater focus on them? Either way, I’m sure that I will enjoy the books and look forward to hearing more about them in your future posts.

  9. Best news so far this year. Congrats, Joe!

  10. This is the best thing that has happened to me all year. Well, besides the other day when the vending machine at work gave me back an extra quarter.

  11. I never thought id get sucked into a series again after finishing Dune (yes the original 6 books, not the Dune Lite crap put out by Herberts son) but now its happened again, and now Ill be waiting till 2012 for my next fix. Thank god your publisher has the good sense to realize, “wow, this guy may actually us some money”, you have a (hopefully) fat contract, and we all get 4 more books provided you dont drive your new Maserati off a cliff or struck by lightning. Great news, congratulations, and btw..your Tunny would have made an excellent Marine.

  12. Please don’t sign a movie deal, an HBO or Showtime Series would be more appropriate considering A movie wouldn’t do all that story justice. And also I have to read all your books again to hold me over for the new release because I am now ruined of all other authors.

  13. Love your books & have read them all, (some twice).

    Are you going do a movie deal?

    Best regards!

  14. Awesome news! Greats books and excellent characters! Have throughly enjoyed all your books to date, keep up the good work and now the wait begins…..

  15. I find the characters fascinating as well as the story line.
    The more I learn of Bayaz the less I like him. I do feel you are a bit to cinicle. Just keep doing the “right thing”.

  16. Awesome news Joe. Really looking forward the next book!

  17. I absolutely love your books and can’t wait to read more. Please don’t let anyone else read your audiobooks besides Steven Pacey.

  18. The Second Law Trilogy?

  19. Early 2012 eh? Ive heard that one before, george-i mean joe…


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