Red Country Publication Dates

Posted on April 2nd, 2012 in announcements, news

Make a mark in your diaries, for it looks like we now have some firm dates for the publication of (A) Red Country.

UK: Thursday, Oct 18th 2012.

US: Tuesday, Nov 20th 2012.

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  1. This is such great news it would put a smile on Caul Shivers face and a happy tear under his steely eye! I am in the states but I will be confiscating a copy from the UK, I’ll be damned if the British are going to read it before me. IT’S MINE, IT’S MY OWN…… MY PREEECIOUSSSSS!!! (I’m striking a blow for my over patriotic, semi illiterate, socialy inept, and politacly corrupted countrymen by taking a copy of a national treasure )

  2. The cover is available for viewing over at pats fantasy hotlist. Can’t say I’m crazy about the cover but I really don’t care. Just happy it’s coming.

  3. There’s a fun little teaser trailer for the book on the Fantasy Fiction website here:

  4. That is a good teaser, Lazlo! Of course it’s not hard to notice the bloody hand print is missing a finger. And the warrior fellow on the cover is also missing a finger. I know it’s old news now, but there was never truly confirmation like this…

  5. I can’t say as I like the cover either. I really enjoy seeing a piece of art that is someones creative imagination not some overlay of some real picture of a dude that never in a million years is going to capture the imagination. It’s cheap for the publisher and crap for us. Almost as bad as those sweaty romances with Fabio on the cover. Ah Well, we always have Subterranean Press for quality art.

  6. More piling on about the cover – What’s the story with the sword? Did Logen leave to become a Pirate and that’s why nobody has seen him for years?

    Yaarrrr! Ya hav t’be realistic, me heartys!

  7. Yea I agree Marco. Lame sword. Not his style at all. I’m sure all of this is out of Joe’s control but some poor choices…

  8. Awwww, shit, son! The Bloody Nine is BACK!!

    I may need to stock up on new underpants, because I think I’ll need them while reading this.

  9. A little touch of the bloody nine in the night…….yeah baby bring it.

  10. Ditto on the non-love for the US cover, hoping for another damaged parchment look so it sits on my shelf nice with the rest.

    Loved the bloody hand print.

  11. the cover art confuses me, wasn’t Logen blond? and shouldn’t he be like 20 years older than depicted

  12. Jurble, his hair is brown/dark brown. His age is debatable, but this book takes place about 15 years after the first law series. In that series Logen was guessed to be in his early to mid thirties (if I recall correctly), so he should be about 45-50. Or “old” in the eyes of a teen. While I don’t care for the cover, I’d say the model looks about right age wise. Logen always had longish scraggly hair, so it looks like he got a trim…

  13. A new Joe Abercrombie book released two days before my birthday? Hell yeah.

  14. Unfortunately for the american publisher, I just absolutely refuse to buy their horribly covered books. So alas, i am forced to pay a few more bits in order to get the “real” covers and not some dime store, fabio inspired, romance cheese, from across the pond in jolly ole england.

    That goodness for

    And really orion…stop with the horrible cover art and just go with the ones gollanz uses.

  15. oh my God,can it be true?!
    with tearful eyes i notice the dates
    my dreams are coming true,a new book of my favorite writer!

    btw,here in Germany the covers are pretty simple – i like them,you can recognize the books in the shelf at a collection

    check it at

    best wishes from Germany

  16. Thank Gawd .. just nearing the end of Heroes and beginning to panic about my choice of future reading material(or lack thereof!)

    Good News :)x

  17. I believe there is a word in a line from sandlot that fits this waiting game, Foreevvveerrrrrr… Can’t wait for it to show up in the US!

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