Ninefingers Sculpture

Posted on August 27th, 2012 in artwork

Occasionally folks send me things they’ve done that are related to my books, and if they’re good, maybe I post them here.  David Jennison is a character artist for Sony Online, and this is his vision of Master Ninefingers:

Click on for considerable extra detail.  It’s always great to see an artist using their skills to bring some element of one’s creation to life.  It’s never going to be quite the way you’d pictured it, but seeing how they pictured it is half the fun, right?  More along similar lines in due course, maybe…

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  1. David J.-
    Despite differences in everyone’s imaginings, I’m sure we’re all keen to see some more. :)

  2. Would anybody be up for agreeing that Mads Mikkleson would make a good Harding Grim or maybe Black Dow?

    Id like to see an impression of Threetrees, for me the above of ninefingers is more like a Threetrees in my mind but would need a fair amount more ageing with a heavier beard…

  3. I think Grim rather than Dow; but the eyes make me think Glokta, although the lips have too much pout.

  4. for some reason I have always imagined Golkta as Paul Bettany from priest. Just alot more crippled and stooped.

  5. James – very interesting choice. As for Grim, Dow and also Tul Duru, as far as imaging goes (as opposed to speculative casting), I’m inclined to look at rugby players and the like for likenesses…

  6. A younger, buffer Stellan Skarsgård for Black Dow, imo.

  7. Giasone – Interesting comment about rugby players. Ive always leaned towards the Northmen not being particularly muscle bound, but instead very lean and chiselled, especially with Dogman as their are frequent references to him being small and lean. I like to think that Tul and Logen, rather than being muscle bound are just naturally big strong guys built by the woods and the mountains!

  8. I’ve always envisioned Manu Bennett, but with a scarred face as Logen but the above image still looks very good.

  9. Hmm, bears a passing resemblance to Sean Bean…

  10. Ninefingers is more attractive in my mind… :-)

  11. It literally looks exactly like Sean Bean. I guess that’s great for when they get him to play him in the movies 😛

  12. James – Dogman definitely very lean. I’m thinking someone like Jonas Armstrong or Joe Armstrong or Nikolaj Lie Kaas. I was think Richard Armitage as model for Black Dow, but maybe more like Bethod. What about Eric Bana = Dow?

    Savvy – Manu Bennet’s a great suggestion – but what about as model for Black Dow or Tul?

    Dante – Stellan Skarsgård is an interesting choice. My problem is I tend to think of most of the characters as more or less dark-haired.

  13. Manu Bennett= Shivers?
    Richard Armitage= Black Dow
    Tom Hiddleston= Bethod (Mainly due to his performance in the HOllow Crown:Henry V)

  14. It’s a great piece, but not Ninefingers in my mind. I envisioned him as a scarred and tattered abomination of humanity. I can remember how frightening he looked when Jezal (i think) saw him for the first time. He was one big, scary looking man, unlike Sean Bean who would be a mere halfling in comparision to The Bloody Nine. It’s still really cool someone did that for you. They got some skills!

  15. I’m with Vikki…Must be a girl thing?

  16. Nah. Ninefingers is just as rough looking but better looking & more tortured in his eyes. 😀

    Very nice work! Colour me impressed!!

  17. HaHa, Deb!! It must be. 😀

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