Red Country US Release Delayed

Posted on September 12th, 2012 in announcements, news

I’m really, really gutted to report this, especially at such a late stage, but the US publication date for Red Country is dropping back three weeks to the 13th November.

UK publication remains unaffected.

Turnaround was a lot tighter on this book than it has been previously but, as far as I was aware, I and my editors on both sides of the pond had consulted the relevant people and quite carefully worked out a schedule for delivery of the manuscript which would give everyone time to get the books ready for publication.  We then stuck to that schedule and delivered in what we thought was good time, but once the manuscript was turned in it gradually became apparent that there had been one or more serious miscalculations or miscommunications somewhere and there wasn’t going to be enough time for proof-reading, setting, and the various necessary file jiggery-pokery to get the books printed and distributed across the US for the 23rd October publication date.  Believe me when I say we’ve done everything possible to rush things through but the very soonest we can make the book available is now the 13th November.

I hear from a couple of people that have emailed them to say delivery of preorders will be delayed until Nov 28th – Dec 4th.  I suspect they’re being cautious and I very much hope that books will get to readers a good deal sooner.  The 13th November should now be a firm date for Red Country to be available across the US.

Not much else to say, except that I’m very, very sorry for the delay.

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  1. Not happy about this… Noooooooooo ………. Been waiting so long and now another month.

  2. How about some more whisky deathmatch to soften the blow?

  3. {{Lays head on the keyboard and weeps uncontrollably}}

  4. is there any information about the german release (via Heyne, i think)? 😡

  5. nah, that last smiley wasn’t supposed to look that angry ^^

  6. Micha,
    It will be Heyne, but they only just bought the book so I imagine it’ll be a while yet. Best off checking with them.

  7. okay, i hope they’re doing fast!
    thank you for the reply :)

  8. Shut and Take my Money!

  9. Hey Joe do u know when the release of the best served cold limited edition is going to be. Feels like eternity since I pre ordered.

  10. Scott Lynch’s book not finished yet ? Wasn’t that what happen ed when you released The Heroes … Or was it Best Served Cold … no it was Last Arguement – hang on… (only joking I am certain it will be worth the wait)

    Still, makes the decision easier – was going to ask you and Scott to decide it with a penalty shoot out 😉

    BTW is Stephrn Pacey Tarrant ?

  11. *Inhales*



    ..Meh, shit happens.

    Still love you, Joe.

  12. Fear not Americans. You can preorder the UK version from, which will ship on the original release date. Who wants paperback anyway?

  13. I’m in the states, but i preordered the UK version through Amazon U.K. Does that mean ill get the book on time?

  14. I am definitely looking forward to it, but I am hard pressed to find anything in life anymore that I have to have right now. Another 3 weeks is nothing. I will probably dig into it over the Thanksgiving holiday while watching some football.

  15. It is what it is. Not much of a wait…even between books compared to many!

  16. On one hand I am saddened, in fact a tear just dripped onto my keyboard. On the other I am quietly relieved because I have zero money to my name at the moment and I was going to have to dip into my emergency funds to buy it (I DO have my priorities right – buy Abercrombie – then pay bills!). It also allows me to power through a few other novels before hand. I am looking forward to reading RED COUNTRY. I love every book you write more than the last, and THE HEROES was the best so far.

    have a great day!

  17. Hey there Joe…

    Do you know when we can expect the audiobook release of Red Country (also – is it Pacey again?).

    If you don’t know – can you pick a date out of your arse and pretend that its a fact?

    Then I will be happy enough to wait it out…


  18. delivered Red Country as an ebook to my Kindle today. I’m a bit confused but very pleased. Now I can read it before Swecon.

  19. I just want my kindle copy asap thank you :)

  20. Pacey? Damn. Insert annoying whine. Page’s Cosca is one of my all time favorite audiobook interpretations of your characters! He’s a veritable one man stage show(both Cosca and Page) Pacey’s take on Cosca kinda sounds like he should be riding around with Lord Humungous out in Australian wasteland. But maybe Pages take on the character formerly known as “the bloody nine” would be less appealing than Paceys? I don’t care. The audiobooks are such a great supplement to reading the books, they make it feel like the books are getting all the more closer to making it to the big/small screen!

  21. In Canada I can still pre order and get the book in the October release but if I try and pre order the Kindle edition on the UK site I am told I must order it from and get it in November. Globalization really hasn’t reached the publishing industry.

    Not to worry Joe – I am ordering the hardcover for my bookshelf at home but I travel muchly and need my Kindle. Do you have an eReader of some sort?

  22. I’m not even mad. I have waited ~2 years for the latest Abercrombie book, what’s 3 more weeks?

  23. It’s not delayed in Canada but we are getting the same lame cover-art as the US.

  24. Wednesday, the 25th… thank you UK!

    The cover alone will, erm… COVER the cost of shipping to The States. 😛


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