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Posted on October 22nd, 2012 in appearances

Finishing out my touring schedule for Red Country, and probably the last travelling I’ll be doing for a little while, I’m going to be down under during the first half of November.  Some dates for your diaries, Australians:

2nd – 4th November – GenreCon, at the Rydges Parramatta, Rosehill, outside Sydney, where I’ll be a guest of honour, on a couple of panels, being interviewed at 4pm sat 3rd, and generally about.  You can find further details here.

7th November, 7pm – Hobart, in conversation with Joel Rheinberger, no doubt with questions, reading, and signing, at the Westend Pumphouse, 105 Murray St. through Ellision Hawker Bookshop.

9th-11th November – SupaNova Brisbane, RNA Showgrounds, 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, Brisbane.  Not sure exactly what I’ll be doing here, but it’ll be supa.  And I’ll sign books.

13th November, 6pm – Dymocks Belconnen, Canberra, meet and greet (with wine and nibbles, though nibbling the author is frowned upon).

16th-18th November – SupaNova Adelaide, Adelaide Event and Exhibition Centre (Adelaide Showgrounds), Goodwood Road, Wayville.  Again, not sure what I’ll be doing, but I’ll be there.  Signing books.

Chances are high I will also leave a glistening trail, slug-like, of signed stock across the coastal regions of Australia as I go, as well as doing a fair few meetings and interviews.  Information is a little sketchy so you’re probably better approaching the events for any further information.  But I’ll be there, and will happily sign anything you got…

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  1. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for taking the time to chat to me at BristolCon and for signing Red Country (just started reading it and that’s buggered up any writing by me for a while!) and hope you didn’t mind me forcing my book on you!

  2. Sign anything i got!!?? 😉

  3. Do you enjoy all the travelling you do? And does it still feel stressful?

  4. Hells yeah! See you in Adelaide! I’m flying in from Melbourne :)!

  5. Geez, mate, they’ve got you going up and down the south-east coast like a yo-yo! :) I hope you get a chance to relax between gigs and see a bit of the country – well, those cities, anyway…

  6. You’re going to the inbred states but not Melbourne?? :( Nooooo.

  7. Have fun in Australia, Joe!

    Just read Red Country, absolutely loved it.

    Knowing how you loved Skyrim though, couldn’t help but ask if Ro is an hommage to Fus Ro Dah? :)

  8. Woo hoo nobody ever comes to Hobart!

  9. Come down to Melbourne mate! Drinks on me :-)

  10. hey Joe, (insert jimi hendrix gag here)

    i finished Red Country on Saturday and absolutely loved it. i love your style and take on fantasy and im a huge fan of westerns and have been since i was a kid. nice work mate and i thank you for a great book once again. one of the things ive often wondered across all of your books is a sense of where the different regional dialects would relate to in our own world. i always presumed the northmen to be akin to scots/scandinavians, the heart of the nnion a cross of english/french, styria would be italian mostly, maybe some spanish in there and the further out from the near country you go you’d have the americanisation of the unions english. when you’re writing in this world do you have accents etc in mind? curious to find out. thanks again and apologies for the lack of capital letters, i would have used them but i’ve a bastard between the eyes from yesterdays drinking and can’t quite be arsed. all the best!

  11. Met Joe today. Absolute gent. Australia you lucky, lucky people. He was annoyingly cool, charming and approachable. Lovely chap.

  12. Auckland is only a 3 hour flight from Sydney…

  13. Hobart, Adelaide and Canberra, but not the cultural epicentre of the southern hemisphere? Joe, you gotta get yourself a better agent. Just sayin’

  14. Ahh Australia. Getting closer to the US…or farther away. I’m not sure.

  15. Hobart has been named one of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 cities to visit in 2013:

    I guess it’s still valid for 2012 as well, so you’re just beating the rush…

  16. Damn shame you’re not coming to Melbourne. You’d get a pretty good reception here.

  17. Yeah, why not make a quick stop in Melbourne?

  18. The Australian distributor makes the call on where I go. I was invited to Genrecon in Sydney, thereafter it was just a case of what events fitted in where. Melbourne and Perth another time, maybe…

  19. Maybe you can go to New Zealand when Peter Jackson makes a film out one of your books… 😉

  20. I just noticed that Audible is giving the first chapter of the Red Country audiobook away for free until the 1st November. Hope that nets you a few sales.

  21. Hmmm, so no Melbourne. It’s too soon for me to be able to afford a trip to come see you in Adelaide, Sydney or Canberra.

    Though why they’d send you to Canberra and not Melbourne is beyond me.

  22. Sydney is beautiful Joe. One of my personal favourite places to visit. Loooonnng journey to get there, but worth the bone numbing trip.
    Just remember to carry some bug repellent. Australia contains 80% of the world’s most dangerous animals and insects! Look up funnel-web spiders.
    Other than that, have a great trip.

  23. If you make it to Cairns for a break I will shout you a beer at our pub.

  24. Hey Joe,
    Any ideas or visions of what the next book will be. Real excited about the US release lots of anticipation wich will surely be fulfilling. Any ways keep up the good work and hopefully if you do come across the pond you can come to Arizona and see the real west… and sign my books .

  25. @ Brett

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more, all that way and he doesn’t come a little further to the”cultural epicentre of the southern hemisphere” as you so accurately phrase it.

    And Auckland, probably has less annoyingly obvious numbers of Kiwis clogging up the joint than Hobart, Adelaide and Canberra do as well.


  26. Hey Joe, what’s the story behind the signed/numbered (out of 100) hardbacks of Red Country? Were they exclusive to a specific store? Are they gift/review copies? Also do you know why all the Waterstones hardbacks with the extra story seem to be second prints?

  27. Parramatta? On a Sunday? Damn it Joe I wanted to touch that beard of yours and you go and do this to me?

    *Grumbles while working out a way to get there*

  28. @Yax. You want to touch his beard???
    That’s, um… somewhat odd…

  29. @Giasone

    There’s nothing wrong with a bit of man love. Even if it is a bit odd… 😛

  30. I just checked out the Supanova site for when your coming to Adelaide. I think your missing out on some cash there Joe. If Luke Perry can charge $40 for an autograph and $50 for a photo, then surely you can make some extra coin too?????

  31. wracking my brain for friends i can impose on for signed books since you aren’t stopping by Perth! You are my favourite fantasy author, keep the books coming and ill definately see you next time!

  32. Hi Joe,

    I know your agent makes the calls, but the omission of Melbourne is just seriously warped.

    There’s about 4 million people here – pushing 1/5th of the entire population of Australia, and we’re more well-read, better educated and more handsome than people in other states.

    This means that you’re bypassing one of your largest markets, not to mention the best food and coffee in the country.

    It’s really a weird call… all jokes aside, very disappointing for local fans. Personally I’m now going to boycott your books in retaliation.

    After I get hold of Red Country.

    And whatever the next one is.


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