First Law Graphic Novel Issue 3

Posted on June 26th, 2013 in announcements, Graphic Novel

One of my favourite pages of this second issue is up at, and the entire 22 page 3rd issue is available now at ComiXology, featuring Glokta’s morning ritual and the appearance of a certain First of the Magi…

I also note in passing that the longlist for the David Gemmell Legend Award is up once again.  You can go vote for your choice of the best fantasy novel of 2012 over there.  I’m not telling you what to vote for, of course.

But if it’s not Red Country, you’re DEAD TO ME.

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  1. Great 3rd issue, it just keeps getting better! We get to see Bayaz and more of Glokta – we’re really spoilt.
    Just to let you know though that the artwork is missing from the bottom of page 9.

  2. Voted – not telling who for though…

  3. The biggest thrill of this comic series is slowly seeing each of the the characters rendered visually.

    It definitely gives me another perspective from which to enjoy the story.

    Now bring on Ferro!!

  4. Yep, the Page 9 thing is very odd. I thought it was deliberate at first, but looking at it in situ, it seems a mistake.

    Also, there is an unfortunate discrepancy in colouring during the Calder scene. In the book he is described as wearing blacks, so the reference to a chain of colourful flowers makes sense in juxtaposition to the sombre tones.

    But here he is wearing golds, reds, purples, yet the flowers are colourless. I guess the reference to colour still makes sense if it is now supposed to be sarcastic, but it seems odd to change the book’s clear description for no apparent reason.

    The Importance of Colour indeed… ;o)

    But liking the Logen characterisation and developing depection, and Bayaz is just perfect!

  5. Indeed, Bayaz is just as I imagined him.

    Although sometimes I think Logen looks like Nathan Explosion. 😀

  6. Page 9 was corrupt, apparently. I’m told that if you re-open it the replacement should download automatically.

  7. Hmm. Just deleted it from my device, then downloaded completely anew and page 9 is still the same. Tried it on 2 different devices.

  8. Whoa… is the map on Sult’s table canon?

  9. Ben,
    Heh. I was wondering whether anyone would notice that.

    Yes. It is canon. But it’s not the whole Circle of the World. Midderland, the Circle Sea, and direct environs, including Angland, Starikland, Dagoska, and Styria. Sult is sat more or less due south. The edge of the Circle of the World would be a bit beyond the edge of the table.

    It amuses me that Sult’s speech bubble has obliterated a large portion of the Old Empire from the knowledge of would-be cartographers…

  10. Liked it, the art seems to be improving with each edition. Calder looks suitably slimy, and loved the map on Sult’s table (in real life would it be anything like the painted table on Dragonstone?).

    Starting to get into the grit of the story now, can’t wait to see The Feared and the rest of Logen’s crew (OK we’ve had a brief glimpse in #1 but need to see them in all their glory.

  11. Thanks for the response re: the map… Now that I look more closely I can see how some parts correspond to what we’ve already seen eg Styria & Starikland and environs

  12. Joe,
    How are sales of the comic going? As expected or better?

  13. It’s great having a map!

    Could you confirm which continent Kanta is? Southeast or Southwest of Midderland? And what would the other continent be then?

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