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Posted on February 25th, 2014 in appearances

I’m going to be out and about a lot this year, what with the release of Half a King in July.  There’ll certainly be a few bookshop events in the UK around that time which are yet to be scheduled, but a few festivals and conventions that are already definite:

March 1st-2nd – Cominks, Messina, Italy

May 22nd-25th 2014 – Imaginales, Epinal, France

July 19th 2014 – Edge Lit, Derby, UK

July 22nd-27th 2014 – Comic Con, San Diego, US

July 30th-August 2nd 2014 – Celsius Festival, Aviles, Spain (this one’s a possible, depending on the touring schedule, but I’ve been there the last couple of years, and with Rothfuss and Sanderson along this year, I’d like to make it for at least a couple of days).

August 14th-18th 2014 – Loncon 3, London, UK

April 23rd-26th 2015 – Eurocon, St. Petersburg, Russia

No totally firm details of what I’ll be doing when at these various events, but by all means consult the websites for further details, and I’ll post more when I have more…

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  1. Any chance of an Aussie foray Joe?

  2. I was on a blink of buying a ticket to fly from Montenegro to Italy just to shake your hand. But then I’d probably starve mid-next month. You gotta be realistic about these things.

  3. Indonesia please!

  4. Why do you hate Sweden so much?

  5. Right Milos, i reckon’ your right. I thought about the same thing, I’m going to London in a couple of weeks, i was hoping Joe might be doing an appearance, I’ll catch him some other time.

  6. An American Comic Con, huh? That’s pretty fucking cool. Look at you Mr. Big Time!

  7. Bristol England please chap

  8. I dont see a date there for Australia…

  9. Even after all these years, still no dates for Ireland?

  10. Adrian,
    An Australian visit has been suggested for early 2015, when Half the World comes out. Not definite, though.

    Yeah, my hand ain’t all THAT great.

    I expect we can manage Bristol, since it’s half an hour away and all…

    Indonesia’s a fair way off the beaten track for me, but you never know…

    I love Sweden. I’ve toured there twice. In fact I was in Uppsala, Stockholm, and Malmo last year. WHERE WERE YOU?

  11. First italian visit in the far south :( definitely too far for me. Damn I would have sold my family to see you…..

  12. I’m working om getting tickets for comic con in San Diego from my sister who work at the WSJ. It would be an honor to meet you Mr. Abercrombie. Totally worth a flight from NY out west.

  13. The Netherlands by any chance?

  14. Nyc :'( ?

  15. And I’m sorry, but to ask Joe to travel an extra half hour? That is a trip you should be taking to see the man himself.. Sorry, but if I lived on the other side if the Atlantic, especially in England, you best believe is be at many of these appearances..

  16. You should check out Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia (first weekend of September every year) as it is the best 4 day party with 10,000 of my closest friends.

    Seriously, best convention in existence.

  17. @Mr Abercrombie:

    I was in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city :(

    Why do you hate Gothenburg so much?

  18. I’m guessing nowhere near Romania soon…?

  19. When you are flying to Spain from San Diego, if you fly through Logan I can come say hi during your layover. Does that sound creepy?

  20. Any chance of Topping and Company for us Bath locals? :)

  21. Tone!
    Twice I’ve been to Holland, would you believe…

    I was in Gothenberg in 2010, I think. Beautiful city. Where were you?

    Waiting for the invite…

    I would imagine Toppings is more or less a certainty.

  22. Sadly, it looks like San Diego is as close to Seattle as you’re likely to get. I can’t do San Diego. Portland though…yeah, Portland. I can convince the wife to drive to Portland if you can make it happen. I’ll buy you lunch.

  23. Any chance of visit to Germany?

  24. Hey Joe :)
    How about a visit to Lisbon, Portugal ?

  25. @Mr Abercrombie:
    I’m ashamed to say, that was before I discovered your writing.
    We’d love to have you back some time though :)

  26. If you ever, some day, can make it out to Denver, I swear, I will do everything in my power to be at that event. But I know you’re busy, so I wish you safe travels, and I’m looking forward to Half a King.

  27. How about Toronto, Joe? Or at least NYC, as it’s relatively close (to me) and more densely populated = lots of fans pleased!

  28. I am very happy to see you are coming to San Diego! Hope you might make it over to Mysterious Galaxy for a signing while in town(great bookstore). Prepare yourself for the ComMoorish hoards at the convention. Great people,mostly,but after four or five days you will likely want desperately to be home again, and that right soon.

  29. San Diego here, but I ain’t going anywhere near ComiCon. What a friggin madhouse. Don’t suppose you’ll be having any meetups elsewhere, not Comicon-related, eh? Signing or a reading or some such? I’ll check back. Would love to meet you.

  30. Lord Grimdark is coming to the states but not to NYC? That’s like the Joker organizing crime in Idaho. Or the Pacific Rim monsters popping up in a small creek somewhere. Or like, I don’t know….come to NYC.

  31. Ugh, I’ve never wanted to attend SSDC more, but alas.

    I HAVE to see you in person at some point, Joe! I’m definitely going to try and make it to one of the bookshop signings in July.

  32. Massive whiskey festival in sheffield on the week of my birthday Joe…

  33. Any visits closer to home, i.e. Bath or Bristol?

  34. I should read before I post (in regards to a Bristol visit).

  35. Dave, I second the Seattle stop. Joe go to the UW bookstore (or at least hit Portland). I am fine either way.

  36. Please watch True Detective, the HBO show, and do a review of it. The show is incredible … smacks of cormac mccarthy’s style.

  37. Ukraine, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! There is a convention in Kiev being scheduled for late November that still requires a Guest of Honour.

  38. When will you have concrete details about the Celsius festival?

  39. What about Germany?

    Ever gonna see you in, lets say, Munich?

  40. Joe, please come to Vancouver! Seattle would be good too, but Vancouver means I don’t have to drive 3 hours to see you. Anyways, just finished The Heroes and it was bloody amazing. You get better with each book!

  41. Definitely come to Toronto! I’ll be heading out to SFCOntario in November to see Robin Hobb, but it would be even better if you came out this way too!


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