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Posted on March 21st, 2014 in announcements, artwork, news


Half a King Quotes Staggered

 Final hardcover will include all manner of wondrous textures, foils and finishes.  And now, of course, you are free to tell me just how much you love it

Should you desire to pre-order one, incidentally, you could do it via this page.  A considerable extract will be coming in the not too distant future…

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  1. if rothfuss is on board, i’m on board! except i was already on board.

  2. Why got be so cool !!!!

  3. Sweet! Looking forward to the book. On a side note, tell that bum Rothfuss to stop reading other people’s books and get to work on his own. :)

  4. I do like it … even without blood splatters ; – )

  5. ^^^^

  6. like it but not sure how it will look on my shelf – kind of like books by the same author to look the same on my shelf . . . .

  7. If I was aroused by this kind of thing I’d be seriously on heat right about now. In other words, I love it!

  8. Kangas,
    I’m sure Pat would like no reward for his generosity more than a stern dressing down about his work habits.

    Well, new series, new world, new style, new publisher, you need a new look to underline the difference. Future books in the First Law world will probably echo the parchmenty style.

    I am delighted and slightly scared.

  9. I like it better than the US version. its got that men on a mission vibe. it makes me want to go rewatch Carpenter’s “The Thing” again. love that movie.

  10. “A considerable extract will be coming in the not to distant future…”

    The tipo makes this sentence pretty hilarious :)

    About the cover: it looks magnificent.

  11. Niels,
    I hope you are aware of the irony of pointing out my typo by calling it a tipo…

  12. Joe,

    Send me a book for free, will you? I’m an English teacher, it’s for the kids!!! E-book is fine by me. My tablet needs to beef up its library.

  13. Needs more cowbell. :-)

  14. I pondered on a nice comeback. Alas.

    Carry on, carry on.

  15. Looks tidy, as does the slightly altered website layout.

  16. Not bad at all, I’m sold regardless of the cover anyway. If I was being really picky though I’d have to say I’m not sure about the font they’ve chosen for the authors name.

  17. There is still no Russian edition of Red Country, to say nothing about Half a King =( Reading in English seems to be the best option.

  18. Love the cover – looking forward to reading this. Love the First Law world, but really looking forward to seeing what other awesomeness you’ve come up with!

  19. I wish you would give the US the same cover as the UK

  20. Frank Fitz,
    The website has had a spruce-up, including a wider format that fits a fair bit more on screen.

    They should both be on the way in Russian. Oh, and your first comment on the site has to be moderated. Further comments go through automatically.

  21. Beautiful cover Joe! Digging the new art style. I can imagine this being a massive hit no doubt.

  22. Oh my god. I’m so ashamed. It was a minute before I realised I was actually salivating…
    This is so exciting! Really can’t wait to meet our new cast of amazing characters!

  23. I like ‘nothing’ about this cover…;)

  24. Between two hills. Reminds me of Narnia (wistful sound) or possibly an attractive woman. (equally wistful sound)The bladeflake is pretty sharp looking too.

  25. I have to read this book. NOW! First Law was brilliant. Thank you MR. Abercrombie!

  26. The Frostblade?. =]

    It is probably much more effective for a person from down my way, where snowflakes and ice are only a mythological fear image, something mysterious we were threatened with as children “If you are not good, frozen water will fall from the sky, and kill all the plants, and steal away with the summer”.

    It is a sort of eerie and freighted image of remorseless threat.

  27. Had strange email from amazon saying Half A King no longer available and that my order has been cancelled?? What that all about? Cant get onto amazon for some reason.

  28. The cover looks great. I have to say that the UK covers on all the First Law books have been way better than the US covers too.

    Who decides on the final cover Joe? Is it yourself of the publisher? Either way, your UK team are doing themselves proud!

  29. Phil,
    No idea what that’s about, nothing’s changed far as I’m concerned. The book’s still there on amazon far as I can see.

    The publisher has the last word in theory, but in practice it’s a collaboration.

  30. You can’t judge a book by it’s covers, but this one looks awesome and it’s got Abercrombie on the front. Nuff said.

  31. Will the book be available in audiobook format…..narrated hopefully by the superb Steven Pacy ? I listen to loads of audiobooks and he such a distinct and wide characterisation no one come close to bettering him……His voice of Glotka is just so, so how you must have imagined, eh Joe ?

  32. Looks like another great work. My trust in Joes work these days makes it not even necessary for me to read what its about. When a new book comes out I just go and buy it and start reading. Its a great feeling to know that I wont be disappointed. Keep up the good work.

  33. “Future books in the First Law world will probably echo the parchmenty style.”

    Don’t be naive Joe. They’ll be in an all new style and be accompanied by new editions of the existing 6 books in this new style. Extra sales from people who are pernickety about their bookshelves.

  34. The cover is awesome!!! I hope that the spanish edition will keep it… *___*
    Because it will be a spanish edition, isn’t it???

  35. Ha Random internet poster calls best selling author ‘naive’ when it comes to the world of publishing.

  36. Paul,
    Definitely it will be in audiobook format both in UK and US, I would imagine released to coincide with paper and e-book as audio is getting to be a very important sector of the market, especially for me. Pacey’s readings are absolutely top notch but it may well be that there’ll be a different narrator for these books – only because I think it’s sensible to distinguish between the two, and a younger voice may suit it better. But I would certainly go back to Pacey for other First Law stuff if that was an option.


    I was going to differ, then you said extra sales, and I stopped thinking about anything else.

    I’ve been called worse…

  37. Might I give a shout for Kobna Holdbrook Smith as your ‘younger’ voice. Just coming off the back of listening to the mighty fine Aaronovitch ‘Rivers of London’ novels, wherein he gives a performance which brings those characters to life. Wonderful stuff.

    The cover looks mighty fine Joe, my copy is preordered. Is there a UK publicity tour lined up?

  38. Absolutely stunning!

    Oh, and Rothfuss is a bum. Abercrombie is the king.

  39. So, winter is coming…?

  40. Let it go! Let it go! I am one with the wind and sky………

  41. Damn it I’ve read the extract. I was going to buy the book anyways but now I’ll have to be anxious and “chomping at the bit” the entire time until July.

    Can’t wait.

    Also the book cover is pretty nice. First Law Trilogy covers still my favorite though.


  42. The cover art is stunning and I’m so looking forward to this book, Mr. Abercrombie. Where can I get a signed copy of the first edition/first print? Is there already a deal with a book shop (like Goldsboro in London) or do I have to drive over again for another book signing with Peter V. Brett at the Forbidden Planet…? :)

    The German Guy

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