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Regular visitors may have noticed an extensive redesign of the site over the past few weeks, courtesy of the marvellous Darren Turpin, who actually built this site in the first place way back in the mists of time shortly after the fall of King Arthur.  Reflecting the leap forward in display technologies we have a wider, more informative format, new front page, more usefulization in the sidebaritude, far more content in the books sections, and, one hopes, slightly more frequent updating of this hear blog than has been going on over the last few months.

But one other special bonus thing that’s been included are much chunkier extracts from all my books, including the forthcoming Half a King.  If, by any chance, you’d like to sharpen your appetite by reading the first seven chapters (around 12,000 words) of that you can do it right now, right here.

Or you can find all the extracts over here, viewable on-screen through your browser or available to download, examine, share, and peruse at your leisure on the mobile device or e-book viewer of your choosing, in e-pub, kindle, or pdf formats.

Enjoy responsibly…

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  1. Cool, but there is a typo, because the page says extracts from Rachel Neumeier’s books. Unless that’s your new pseudonym…

  2. The extract for HaK is really interesting! This uncle Odem gave me bad vibes from the begining. I’m sure he also has something to do with the deaths of both his brothers.

    Something is rotten in the state of Gettland!

  3. Couple of things I noticed.

    Typo “this hear blog”

    More importantly, the links to amazon etc. on the Collected Joe Abercrombie page do not work (keywords term+term)

  4. @Svante – Hmmm, site cache issues there, logged an earlier, pre over-written version. Should be fixed now?

    @Dan – Thanks for the heads-up there. Your contribution to the snagging effort is much appreciated. (Also fixed…)

  5. OK they are looking great, can’t wait to start reading them. My only dilemma is; do I wait till the trilogy is out or read them one at a time? I was lucky enough to discover your books Joe when you were 3 weeks away from releasing Red Country, so I went through all 6 books consecutively.

    Not sure I can handle getting hooked on Half a King and having to wait 10 months for the next one. Then again, not sure I can wait 2 years to start reading after those extracts.

    Hmmmm, choices choices…………

  6. Thanks for the teaser! Can’t say that I enjoyed responsibly though. I saw the announcement on Facebook and just decided to put work/school on hold while I ran a train on those seven chapters. Love the darker approach to the YA audience. I was reading some pretty gritty stuff as a pre-teen/teen (though most of it wasn’t marketed as such), so I think it’s a good call to not underestimate the younger audiences emotional fortitude.

    Can’t wait to buy this bad boy when it comes out!

  7. For the most part the site looks great but – without wishing to put a downer on proceedings and without wishing to be the pedant who notices these things, yet grudingly being forced to confront my own demons and admit that, YES, I am that pedant – the embossed font just doesn’t look good. Is it just me or does it seem … blurry!

  8. Hey Joe,

    What software do you use to write? Would love to know.


  9. While Darren’s at it, please ask him to add a favicon. All my chrome bookmarks have nice favicons but this site doesn’t have one and it stands out like a sore thumb (in a bad way).

  10. thanks, Joe, for the teaser extract. I’m intrigued and its already purchased. This is going to be quite a couple of years with your new trilogy and also James Ellroy new book, Perfidia, being released this fall which kicks off a new quartet of his. Two of the most brutal & in your face literary skullsplitters.

  11. Argh! Just got an email from amazon.com saying the delivery of the book is delayed one month!! The wait is killing me

    PS: Stop watching Black Sails, it doesn’t get any better..try True Detective instead :)

  12. Thorrgal,
    Huh. The US publication might have been put back 1 week, to the 15th July, for promotional reasons, but no further than that.

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