Slight Delay

Posted on April 14th, 2014 in announcements, news

Sorry to report there’s going to be a very slight delay in the US publication of Half a King.

Don’t panic! It’s only a week. Promotional, book selling thing, the book itself has been finished for some time now. So US publication moves back from 8th to 15th July. The UK publication date remains on the 3rd July. Can’t imagine either of those dates shifting at this point.

On the upside, the sequel, Half the World, has gone down rather well with my editors so it looks like a February 2015 release is pretty much certain for that one. The plan is to release the final book, Half a War, in July 2015, and I very much hope to manage that, but since it’s still in the planning stage the jury’s still out on that one. More news as I have it…

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  1. Thanks for the update Joe.

    Have to admit, the fear hit me when I read the subject of this one…….. Never been happier to be English!

  2. Patience is a virtue….

  3. Hopefully when you get this writing lark out of your system, you will get back to the Islay whisky death match- more than a slight delay!;-)

  4. just want to say your web site looks a little broken.
    there are Box characters all over the place instead of spaces in the titles.

  5. Seruko,
    What browser are you using?

  6. Hey Joe,

    A question for you (hopefully not too annoying, i know the topic is a sensitive one for you 😉 ) :

    Will we get a map with Half a King? I really hope we will (map fanatic, here ;D)

    Best of luck with this new series!


  7. It appears to be cleared up now. I use the latest version of chrome.

  8. Ha, Brent Weeks has a blog post about blurbing Half a King. Ever notice how he seems a little obsessed with you? It’s a bit terrifying. I’d be careful if I were you, Joe.

  9. Will an audiobook version be released in July as well?

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