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Slight Delay

Posted on April 14th, 2014 in announcements, news

Sorry to report there’s going to be a very slight delay in the US publication of Half a King.

Don’t panic! It’s only a week. Promotional, book selling thing, the book itself has been finished for some time now. So US publication moves back from 8th to 15th July. The UK publication date remains on the 3rd July. Can’t imagine either of those dates shifting at this point.

On the upside, the sequel, Half the World, has gone down rather well with my editors so it looks like a February 2015 release is pretty much certain for that one. The plan is to release the final book, Half a War, in July 2015, and I very much hope to manage that, but since it’s still in the planning stage the jury’s still out on that one. More news as I have it…


Posted on March 28th, 2014 in announcements, news

Regular visitors may have noticed an extensive redesign of the site over the past few weeks, courtesy of the marvellous Darren Turpin, who actually built this site in the first place way back in the mists of time shortly after the fall of King Arthur.  Reflecting the leap forward in display technologies we have a wider, more informative format, new front page, more usefulization in the sidebaritude, far more content in the books sections, and, one hopes, slightly more frequent updating of this hear blog than has been going on over the last few months.

But one other special bonus thing that’s been included are much chunkier extracts from all my books, including the forthcoming Half a King.  If, by any chance, you’d like to sharpen your appetite by reading the first seven chapters (around 12,000 words) of that you can do it right now, right here.

Or you can find all the extracts over here, viewable on-screen through your browser or available to download, examine, share, and peruse at your leisure on the mobile device or e-book viewer of your choosing, in e-pub, kindle, or pdf formats.

Enjoy responsibly…

Half a King UK Cover

Posted on March 21st, 2014 in announcements, artwork, news


Half a King Quotes Staggered

 Final hardcover will include all manner of wondrous textures, foils and finishes.  And now, of course, you are free to tell me just how much you love it

Should you desire to pre-order one, incidentally, you could do it via this page.  A considerable extract will be coming in the not too distant future…

Half a King Extract and US Cover

Posted on January 10th, 2014 in announcements, artwork, news

The US cover for Half a King has been revealed over at io9, along with the book’s first chapter, by all means check it out here…

It’s going to be out in the UK and US in July, you lucky people…

The Joe Abercrombie Christmas Sale

Posted on December 3rd, 2013 in announcements, appearances, news

These days I get quite a lot of requests for me to sign things of one kind or another via the post.  And I mean quite a lot, especially around this time of year.  For people who want me to sign their book by post/send them signed photographs at my expense (or, indeed, theirs)/deliver by hand my eye teeth, my policy has to be this:


Maybe that seems harsh.  Maybe it seems small and mean, like I’m an edgy fantasy Ebeneezer Scrooge, and maybe I am.  Maybe you think a few minutes out of my day on behalf of my dedicated fans is not too much to ask.  But the thing is, I might get 10 such requests a month, or more, and they’re surprisingly time-consuming to deal with.  Unless I want to give out my home address (I don’t, much) I have to get stuff sent to my editor or agent, then it’s their time spent handling it, and my time spent emailing and arranging it, then signing it, then packing it and sending it back.  The postage is never right.  Then things go astray and people get upset and others have to chase the mail and … NO.  I’m really sorry, I am, but I’ve got more actual writing work than I can handle already without moonlighting for the postal service.


But all is not lost!  If you DO desire a signed book, photo, bra, etc. and it’s lovely that you do, your options are these:

1. Come to an event.  I will more than happily sign for you at any appearance.  At bookshop events you may have to buy a book, but no one’s going to be upset if you bring other books to sign.  Usually I’ll happily sign whatever  you’ve got of mine.  If there’s an unusually high attendance and hence long queue, we might have to send folk to the back after getting their first book signed, or maybe limit things if the staff really need to turn the lights off, but that rarely happens.  At a convention, unless I’m right in the middle of something, feel free to collar me and, again, I’m more than happy to sign anything of mine you’ve got.  I mean, if you’re a dealer with 50 books, I might get all twitchy but, in essence, find me at an appearance or convention, I will sign.

2. Go to a dealer that carries signed stock.  Around release date of a new book I usually sign some stock.  Goldsboro Books or Forbidden Planet are good options, and you could probably reserve a signed copy with them before publication if you so desire.  They’ll also probably have some signed stock in any Waterstones I pass through if I’m touring.  They might even be able to swing a dedication if you ask nicely…

3. Buy a book from my bumper Christmas e-bay sale.  Whenever something gets published, I get sent copies.  Sometimes I get sent loads of copies.  They sit in my wonderfully dry and well insulated basement in appetising mint condition.  Every now and then, when the shelves overfloweth with the bounty of my publishers, and usually in the run-up to Christmas, for tis the season of giving, I and my wife organise a sell-off with the proceeds going to charity.  Books of various types and editions will appear on e-bay for purchase, with postage price displayed, and in these books you can get written pretty much anything you like (though Joe don’t draw).  They might even arrive in time for Christmas.  Who’s Scrooge now?


BUT it just so happens that there are a bunch of my books up on e-bay RIGHT NOW, with others going up over the next couple of days.  All proceeds go to Shelter, a UK homelessness charity, and I’m delighted to say that thanks to your goodwill, generosity, and hunger for high-quality fantasy fiction, we already raised some £500 yesterday alone.  So if you want something signed as that special gift for the committed Joe Abercrombie fan in your life: NOW IS YOUR RARE OPPORTUNITY.  That is all.


Posted on November 6th, 2013 in announcements, news

No, not the kind you wear, or the kind you drink – though I’m a BIG fan of both – but the kind you read. Yes, the lovely people at have teamed up with those charming gentlemen of the speculative George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois to bring you a sample story from their forthcoming multi-author collection Dangerous Women (US/UK), and guess which story they’ve selected? You can’t guess? It’s MY story, Some Desperado, featuring Shy South. That’s right – the full 8000 or so words, available for your viewing pleasure right now on her Majesty’s interwebs, free of charge. What aren’t you waiting for?

In other short news, Legends, Stories in Honour of David Gemmell, is now available in Hard and Softcover editions from Newcon Press, featuring my story Skipping Town, among a galaxy of other authors. A share of the profits go to the undeniably good cause of supporting the David Gemmell Legend Award which I just lost for the fourth time. Not that I’m upset or anything. These are tears of joy for Brent Weeks.

It’ll be positively raining short fiction of mine over the coming months, in fact, as I’ve got another story (A considerable over 10,000 worder) in GRRM & Dozois’ next anthology Rogues, which I believe is complete and due next year, as well as three more stories (2 already written) which we’ll be serving up with some new editions of the First Law trilogy. Stay tuned for news on those…

World Fantasy Convention

Posted on October 21st, 2013 in announcements, appearances

So the World Fantasy Convention, along with its galaxy of authors, publishers, editors, agents, and serious fans from the length and longth of the known world is coming to Brighton in a couple of weeks, and I will be amongst it for the first time.  Probably going to be pretty busy because a lot, and I mean A LOT of folks known to me from home and abroad are going to be there, including some collaborators who I rarely get the chance to see.  However, my official schedule, such as it is:

Thursday 31st 8-9.30pm, Oxford Suite: David Gemmell Legend Award: Yes indeed, watch me clapping with a fixed grin as someone else snatches the axe from my grasping claws for yet another year.  I believe this event will also see the launch of Legends, an anthology in honour of the late great Gemmell which happens to contain a story by me, and the authors will be signing of it…

Friday 1st 8-10.30pm, Oxford Suite: Mass Signing: Very unlikely I’m going to be there for the entire two and a half hours, but I undertake to be there for at least an hour from 8.30 to 9.30, and will probably nip back just in case I missed anyone…

Friday 1st, 2-3pm, Library: Kaffeeklatsch: Yes indeed, the exclusive and never to be repeated until next time opportunity to meet me, in an informal group of 20 like minded friends and neighbours, to discuss my work and stuff with the additional star-spangled attraction of my editor and future of the British Fantasy Genre Gillian Redfearn.  Sadly sold out already, this one.

Saturday 2nd 12-12.30pm, Hall 8A: Reading: A little something to whet your appetites from my forthcoming masterpiece Half a King, and hopefully time for a couple of questions too…

Saturday 2nd, 5-6pm, Oxford Suite: Elvish has left the Building: A panel on the exciting new directions taken by fantasy fiction over recent years, and perhaps even the years to come.  Don’t know who else is on this one, but expect it to be star-studded. Maybe.

Sunday 3rd 1-god knows when pm, Oxford Suite: Banquet: Once wasn’t enough? Then watch me clap with a fixed grin AGAIN as I fail to win twice in one convention, this time the British Fantasy Award.  Wicked…

Hope to see some of you there….

Dangerous Women

Posted on October 11th, 2013 in announcements, news

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but just a reminder that the GRRM and Gardner Dozois edited mammoth cross-genre anthology Dangerous Women is coming December 3rd, with stories not about safe men from me and, well, some other authors whose names you’re probably not that bothered about.  What?  You are bothered?  Alright, then – Jim Butcher, Diana Gabaldon, Lev Grossman, Robin Hobb, Sherrilynn Kenyon, Brandon Sanderson, Sharon Kay Penman, Carrie Vaughan, and many more. Oh, and some GRRM guy too:


Perhaps you’re looking for that perfect gift for a dangerous loved one this yuletide?  Problem SOLVED.  I haven’t read the other stories, but I can guarantee that mine, featuring an episode from the early career of Shy South, is DANGEROUS.  You could preorder the US edition somewhere around here (and I daresay from other outlets), and the UK edition over there.

Gemmell me this and that

Posted on September 30th, 2013 in announcements, news

It just so happens that today is the final deadline for the David Gemmell Legend Award, so you might want to put your vote in over here.  I’ve no idea who’s on the list.  Oh, look, I am.  On one of my favourite genre blogs, Pornokitsch, Jared has been going over the various shortlists and has some interesting opinions upon them.

I’ve also contributed a story to an anthology in honour of Mr. Gemmell which should be launching at the award ceremony at the end of October.  More on that from the editor, Ian Whates, over here.

And now I really need to get some work done…

Graphic Novel Print Collection

Posted on September 24th, 2013 in announcements, Graphic Novel

You can pre-order the print collection of the first four issues of The First Law Graphic Novel now over here at Blind Ferret’s online shop.  It should be possible to get delivery to pretty much anywhere, I am told, though there may be some cost implications.  Just so that no one gets confused, this is a preorder, I’m told the book won’t actually be shipping until December.

Folks been asking me if there’s going to be a hardcover.  No such plans at the moment, this is a 128 page full colour soft-cover.  I’ll try to answer any questions below…